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What is an online word counter?
Word counter simply means to count the words using online word counter tools especially when you need specific numbers of words for your need in different aspects. It might be an essay or an application, academic-specific demand. It also can be a Twitter post that allows a 140 to 280 characters limit. Facebook post description 100 to 250 characters is the most recommended by Also, google text ads recommended words are 300 characters. So simply it means that in many aspects you need to limit your words with a specific count so you can use them accordingly in order to reach your need. Online word counter tool is needed when you instantly want your words calculation immediately you don,t need to install any application or download any program.
How You Can Calculate The Words Or Characters Online?
Using AtoZ SEO tools You just need to open the tools home page and select the word counter tool just click here:
And then you will appear on this page:
When you are on this page just copy and paste your text here and then click on count words. Once you click on count words you will have the results shown like this.
That,s how you can easily count the words for anything just simply copy and paste and click the count words button and instantly you will get results.
List of word limits for different things:
Application and letters:
Cover and application letters limit are mostly you should write in between 250 to 400 words.
            300 to 1000 words  => High School
            170 to 630  words  => Admission in college
            550 to 900  words  => graduate school addmision
Social Networks:
Facebook page description: up to 255  characters
Facebook Bio:  up to 101 characters
Description tags: 160 characters
Text Ads: Headline 1 =30 Characters
                Headline 2 =30 Characters
                Headline 3 =30 Characters
                Description 1 =90 characters
                Description 2 =90 characters
Path 2                     =15 characters Each
In total, you are allowed to write up to 300 characters in your text ads.

Twitter:                 280 Characters Max.
Instagram:            up to 2,200 characters
Linkedin:              1,300 characters max
Snapchat:             Very low as 31 characters only allowed
Blog Post:            Good Article Should be between 600 to 1000 words
Tumblr:                  No Limit, You can add limitless words or characters
Reddit:                   Profile 10,000 And Post up to 40,000
Quora:                    Headline 65 Body text 105 Display URL Max 30 Characters 
Types Of Word Counter:
There are alot of online word counter tools that you can use to count words within seconds. You need a word counter that allows you maximum numbers limit to count your words. Some online tools give you a limit of words that you can count on. And to count more words you need to get premium access in order to reach your maximum limit.
 Here I will show you the best tool that has no limit to count the words.
#1 Recommended 
Google Docs:

Google docs have no limit to count the words. As with other online word counter tools you can use it simply by either you type your text or just copy and paste your text into it. Google docs are the top website that is used by the people of 89.9 billion users monthly.

By using it you can write anything whether it,s an article on your blog or anything you just write, and then you can save it forever. Also if you want you can simply check it,s characters just by using 3 steps
How To Use Google Docs Word Counter Tools:
Click here to land on the best website to write your content and count your words and characters by doing few easy steps. Or simply type and you will land on this page here: Choose a blank page to start writing or copy and paste your existing content.
once it,s done you can see a blank page like this:
Start writing your content or just copy and paste your content here: Once you do have some text in it. You will be able to calculate or count words and characters. To do that you need to click on the tools option on the top bar showing in google documents. Then you will see an option word count.
Just click here to count your content words and you will see this cool detail for your content.
This is how it,s very easy to count your words in the google docs word count tool. Another great feature that you can use especially when you are writing something that if you see the last option display word count while typing if you enable this you will be able to see the words while you are typing any content. So you can get an idea while you are writing and you can manage easily the limitation and take care of where you need to stop since different things are limited by the words.

Note: Google docs have multiple features that are used by billions of people every month but we only discuss the word count.

#2 Recommended:
AtoZ SEO Tools:

AtoZ seo tools are one of the websites of most popular tools that are used by millions of people in order to keep tracked seo ranking of websites. offers Article Rewrite tool, Plagiarism Checker Word Counter, And much more …

Whenever you are using the word counter tool obviously you are writing something new and also you want it 100% unique so you must need these tools as well. AtoZ SEO Tools offers you all these tools in one platform. Check how to use AtoZ SEO tools article rewriter. After all, you need to check the plagiarism since there are alot of content writers. You Content can be copyrighted so you just need to check your content whether it is 100% unique or not. AtoZ plagiarism has a great feature that can give you 100% results. Most other online plagiarism checkers will only tell you about your content whether it,s unique or not and the percentage they will provide you. But using other tools you are not able to know which content is copyrighted.

But Using AtoZ SEO tools You will get 100% word by word plagiarized and copyright data that you can edit and retype using similar words and make your content 100% unique. As you can see the examples down below:

This is a great example of AtoZ Plagiarism Checker That will provide data word by word so you can define copyrighted words and change them accordingly just by using other similar words and get you 100% free plagiarised content.

These 2 Word Counters Are the most trending word counters online that you can use for free.

Why It,s Important to use a word counter?

Well there,s alot of reasons but it,s very simple because we want to make sure that we are not exceeding our limits. Each content that you are writing has a words limit. We need to be inside of those limits. It can be an essay, a blog article, An application, A story, A headline, a Tweet, a Facebook post, Instagram post, All these things have a limit. So in order to be within a limit, we must need to use a word counter tool online.

Who Can Benefit From Online Word Counter Tool?
Students always write the assignments within the limits of specific topics. If students are not using the word counter tools obviously they will write more or less that can affect their numbers and they will lose the marks. So it will be waste of time and effort for the students.

As teachers again they need to check students and verify their assignments whether they are in the correct length or not.

Bloggers And Content Writers:

If you are a blogger or any freelance content writer you must know that in order to rank your article you have limits of your characters. For Example, body text should be minimum of 300 characters long and titles are less than 70 characters for your content. And the whole content should not be less than 1000 words. It,s the minimum words requirement presented by google for seo to rank higher in search results.

If you are just a content writer working as a freelancer who creates content for their clients you also need to do the same practice and sometimes you will get an order of specific characters and words that you must check before delivering your orders.

There are thousands of different needs where you should limit your words in order to keep standard data and to make your content more attractive. Like lawyers, Professors, Business Owners, etc.

If you are a blogger, Website Owner, Or Any Type Of Content Writer Don,t forget to check out the #1 Recommended tool in 2021 That has a free article rewriting tool as well as a plagiarism checker also. All in one platform.


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