What Is SEO?

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What Is SEO?
Seo Stands For Search Engine Optimization it is something that increases Your Website or blog Traffic, Quality, Content Quantity to your blog or website through organic/search traffic. Organic traffic is unpaid traffic those are coming from search engines to your website.
Organic Traffic:
Organic traffic is the traffic that you don,t need to pay for. It is the traffic that is coming from search engines like google/bing organically to your website.
Quality Traffic:
It means that you have something very unique that is totally different from others and people are interested because,s uniqueness and coming and visiting your blog/website is the quality of power of quality traffic.
Quantity Traffic:
It is the traffic by quantity and overall average the how many percentages of people coming from organic traffic and spend most of the time to your website if visits are more and they are not staying long time it means the quality is not good upon your quantity. If they stay longer that means it,s something that people are interested in.
Tips To Rank Your Blog For SEO
If you want to rank higher your blog or website you must need to do some hard work in the starting. And After that, you can rank and optimize your blog, and then you will be able to generate organic traffic. If you do it correctly only then it will help your blog rank higher in the google search engine. A lot of techniques are there by which you can rank higher in google search results. Here are some great methods I explained below that you can read and apply in order to rank higher in search results.
Top Priority:
Unique Content Articles:
Do not Copy any type of internal or external content when you are writing articles about anything. Everything must be unique and written by you even one word should not be copied from anywhere. Do not use any rewrite article tools and plagiarism to check any type of content. Simply when you copy someone else content then you need plagiarism because you know you copied the content. So don,t even think that you will rewrite the content and publish it using plagiarism. Google can catch you even if you use rewriting tools online and checked for plagiarism. This is the high priority thing because if you do these practices and the article is not unique you will get caught by Google.
Easy To Read Blog:
First thing is that people mostly try to use rewrite article tools and then checking by plagiarism it will never gonna work. You are copying a unique article and then when you spin it all the easy words will gonna be change and it can be difficult to read and understand the topic. You must need to carry about all the things like heading, Paragraph, bullet points, punctuations, etc. Use images to explain your better to your audience about your content. You need to write always your heading h1 and subheadings should be h2 and all the content should be very easy to read. Make your heading bold always.
Internal Linking:
You must link some links inside your article to another article or post. It will help your users easily reach another post or webpages. So the audience will feel comfortable in order to read other related articles. Must ensure link back to your website if your article gets shared by any other website. Internal linking and good quality content will be shared by lots of people and it will boost your ranking in the google search engine.
Blog Post Titles:
The main goal of the search engine is to display relevant sources base on search queries and results. The first most common thing is the blog title that will get noticed by google whether it,s relevant to any topic or not. And the crawler will crawl easily to understand the relevancy of your articles. Must Include your main keyword in the first 50 words in order to understand it.
Content-Based Keyword Research:
Before writing any content make a structure of your content about what you are going to write and do proper research whether your content someone searching or not. And Check How Many people are searching for the kind of thing. Then check how top-ranking sites have written the content. Try to write better content than them. Ensure how many people are searching and trying to resolve their problems and try to explain everything in detail in order to get value and feedback from the audience. This will help you gain more visitors and a high ranking. Use google Free keyword planner to get the idea of searching results.
Content Result:
Always check results and the visits about your content. You can use google analytics to check whether your content is great and giving value to the people or not. If you did your hard work and wrote great easy understandable content and people are interesting and loving your content. You can go ahead and create more content to gain more and more audiences. Get detailed Data from google analytics how much time audience have spent to read your content, how many page session you got for each visitor. Check all content every day and keep getting deep results and make similar content in which your audience engaging more. Always check feedback from your audience on what they think about your content. And how much value they, ve got when they land on your website.

Hope this will help you to optimize your blog/website for SEO. These are compulsory things you need to do in order to get high-quality and organic traffic to your blog.

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