What Are Meta Tags?

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What Are Meta Tags?


Meta tags are actually the information about the website whenever you search for something in google search results. There will be some extra information about your website. These meta tags are actually you need to insert in HTML code inside <head> section of the file. These meta tags are very important in your blog/website seo. Because when a google crawler runs and check the information about your site. And collect the information is about your site. Then afer collecting this data google crawler will rank your site in a specific category. Meta tags include the title of your site description and elements.


The Good Meta Tags:


These meta tags are the ones,s that should be inserted on every page. We will take some examples of the meta tags that are good for your website.




Content-type meta description tags are the ones,s that will work on your pages. You can use these meta tags for every page you want. So it will help google crawler to crawl the information about your page. And Then index it into google search engine. This will boost your page ranking in different search engines.


Meta Data Example:



  <meta charset="UTF-8">

  <meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials">

  <meta name="keywords" content="HTML, CSS, JavaScript">

  <meta name="author" content="John Doe">

  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">



Title Tags:


Titles are very important for seo. When you write title tags for your page. You need to bear in mind that titles should be catchy and more specific also includes keywords of your webpage. In this way, you will get better performance on your webpage. It should describe the page information in short.


Meta Description:


These meta tags that include up to 160 characters have a big aim in order to check about your users. Action means the information written in these meta tags which contain up to 160 characters can help you determines user action. You can write different things in order to check what meta descriptions work for you you. If you are running an offer o a coupon code or any special offer discounts all these things you can write in the meta description. And then check what type of description works better for you to get more clicks to your website or blog. So in this way you can analyze what works for you and what,s not.


Bad Meta Tags:


Web Author:


This tag is very simple you just need to name the author of the website. It,s not that necessary you can leave it.


Revisit Again:


These meta tags only give commands to To google robots Return a specific page after a specific period of time.




You know on every website or blog at the end where you have footer it,s always written there All rights Reserved copyright 20xx.


There are many other tags details as well but you don’t,t need to go into detail since they are not much value and we have nothing to do with those meta tags.


How to generate Meta Tags:


Well, there are many online tools that will generate meta tags for your website. But AtoZ meta tags generator is the best tool ever. Because it has 50 seo tools that you can use for your website to help you improve and boost it online.AtoZ meta tags generator is the most famous millions of people already using it and it will provide you better metatags That will help your website to rank on Google first page.


How To Use google Meta Tag Generator?


Click Here and when you have open the website AtoZ seo Tools meta tag generator. Then you have to click here to see the below-attached photo.



Once you will click on the meta tag generator you will land on this page. See the below photo.




Here you need to fill in the information about your site that you want to create meta tags. like below-attached photo




Then after filling in all information you need to click generate meta tags. Once you will click on it you will get your meta tags in HTML code that you need to enter in the header of your website.



Just copy this meta tag code and paste it to your website header. If you want to create another meta tag you can see the button Try New Document.


That,how you can check very easily by using AtoZ meta tag generator tools


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