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Nothing is more useful in our content world than gathering the data underlying it all. And when it comes to data collection, Buzzsumo is a one-stop-shop.
Competitive analysis, industry research, and even influencer identification are just a few of the things you can perform with the data provided by Buzzsumo. You will no longer need to trawl the internet, putting together fragments of information from many sources. Scraping and unappealing datasets are no longer an issue. Buzzsumo explores the social web, identifying content and all relevant information and presenting it to you in an exceptionally user-friendly interface.
It might be challenging to create your own content with the hopes of gaining viral popularity, backlinks, and marketing. Fortunately, many others have done it, and their success has been well-publicized. By picking Buzzsumo as the tool for your digital marketing efforts we hope to throw some light on how you can utilize it to discover and learn from those accomplishments.
The Many Uses for Buzzsumo.
This tool truly has a diverse set of features. Buzzsumo is continually gathering social data that shows a wide range of content marketing possibilities.
Some of the most important ones I've identified and will discuss in this review are.
⦁    Competitor Analysis.
⦁    Industry-Specific Content Discovery.
⦁    Content Alerts and Reports.
⦁    Buzzsumo's knowledge library contains several tips and uses cases. They also have a growing collection of user-submitted tips. If you become tired of my suggestions, you might want to have a look at them!


Free vs Pro.


Buzzsumo Pro features are significantly more user-friendly for expert users. During the testing period, you may use certain features for free, such as exporting searches. This is a big feature that will be sadly missed now that they are no longer in beta. However, if you believe the tool has the potential to make you more than $100 per month, you may enjoy the additional value provided by the Pro plan.
Needless to say, even with its restricted free features, the program is still worthwhile to use. In this review, I'll teach you how to utilize both the free and pro programs. Don't worry: I'll let you know whether or not each thing I mention is a paid feature!

Using Buzzsumo for Competitive Analysis.

If you're looking for ideas, your best chance is to look at what your rivals are doing. This tool allows you to not only look at other organizations' content marketing strategy but also examine what has been successful for them in the past. When researching your rivals, you may be interested in a variety of facts. Fortunately, Buzzsumo offers several options for doing so.

Finding Your Competitors.

If you are unsure who your rivals are, conduct a wide subject or keyword search. The results will include stuff from your competitors. Is there one that stands out?
If one person appears to be dominating the social scene, it is time to delve deeper. According to our search for "social media marketing," we determined that is a "content competitor."

Researching Your Competitors’ Content.

Once you've found a competitor's domain name, restart your search.
Behold! A plethora of stuff that has performed really well in the last year! Export that data into a spreadsheet if you have the Pro plan. You may ultimately aggregate many exporters from various rivals to see which content performed best.
What are you going to do with this? You can take it, but I truly hope you don't. You might even try to recreate it for your own audience, adding your own twists and enhancements. Or you could simply try to figure out why it was so effective and how you might adapt their marketing tactics to your own.

Here's a wonderful example.

I discovered when researching HubSpot. Their second most shared blog article was titled "50 Tweetable Twitter Tips You Wish You Knew Years Ago.Over 9,000 times on Twitter, but less than 2,000 times on all other social networks. 
Why? All the article had was a list of 50 quotes, each with a “click to tweet” link that instantly posted the phrase and a link to the complete post on Twitter.

The content is a Twitter magnet, and it did wonders for them! Finding intriguing articles and techniques like these may be one of your goals while utilizing Buzzsumo. After reviewing these findings, maybe you'll come away with some fascinating article ideas!

Researching Competitors’ Strategies.

It is critical to understand not just what sorts of material your rivals are generating and distributing, but also how they do it.
Pro users get access to a domain comparison report, which provides information on how content is generated and disseminated. It's just looking at the overall picture of their content marketing approach. You will receive numerous helpful charts outlining the following.
⦁    Average Shares By Network.
⦁    Average Shares By Content-Type.
⦁    Total Shares By Date Published.
⦁    Average Shares By Content-Length.

A short look at one of my competitor’s blogs indicates that list posts do exceptionally well for them. Wednesdays appear to be the most active days for their audience to be online and sharing, with Twitter being their primary source of shares. Finally, their best-performing material is more than 3,000 words long.

Industry Analysis.

Within the Content Study Reports, advanced users may get a fantastic head start on doing any industry analysis. This, once again, provides you with a bird's-eye view of the industry you are in or about to enter. This is similar to the domain comparison report, but with a little additional information. In addition to what domain comparison provides, you will additionally see the following:
⦁    Most shared domains – find more competitors!
⦁    Popular topics related to your industry.
⦁    Top pieces of content for your industry.

Use this data to determine when and where to post your material, as well as what is certain to strike a chord in the business you represent!

Industry Influencers.

Another useful component of influencer sharing that Buzzsumo caters to is the connection aspect. Finding important influencers in your business helps you to learn about who they are and what they are saying.

Stop reading and go test Buzzsumo right now. The features are excellent, and you will find numerous applications for this program. Buzzsumo will only help you enhance your marketing approach by showing you what else is going on in the internet world around you.
Let's face it: the Internet is rife with tools that can do a plethora of tasks. Some of them are acceptable. Others are nice, but not really practical. On rare occasions, tools appear that make you wonder how you ever got by without them. In such a crowded market, I can confidently predict that Buzzsumo will soon be a product that everyone will use and wish they had years before.




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